Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mir bleibt nur Telepatie

I can't believe it's already been six weeks.

Listening to:
"Wenn Du Nur Wüsstest" by Anajo. It brings back good memories of road trips and Frau Svec's class.

Life has been busy lately. The DSIC course is the first class I've ever taken in which the workload grows exponentially during the course. We still have about the same amount of reading and number of new characters every day, but the written homework has approximately tripled since the midterm. In addition, I spent a fair amount of time the past two weeks working as an intern for Indego Africa, an interesting and highly promising non-profit organization. Those of you interested in social enterprise or non-profit work in general should check out their website.

wotd: 狗拿耗子: to meddle with others' business (lit. dog-catch-mouse)

Speaking of dogs, China has the world's most adorable dogs. I'm convinced that it must be illegal here to own a pet that's either ugly or larger than a chihuahua. (Tyler and I also came up with a different, much more tragic theory, but I'd rather not that think about that too much.)

exhibit A

I'll post a more complete update very soon!