Monday, September 20, 2010

Seoul Metro

I meant to write a detailed post praising Seoul's subway system this summer, but I was usually too busy riding it to compile a coherent list of observations and photographs. One month later, I've been motivated by Seoul Sub→urban (see previous post) to post a few pictures here.

First, a few notes:
  • With a daily ridership of over 8 million, Seoul Metro is the third busiest subway system in the world.
  • 13 lines that crisscross the city and connect it to surrounding Gyeonggi Province and the Incheon subway system.
  • Stations are clean, organized, and, in some cases, genuinely aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Signs and announcements are clear and, in addition to Korean, also in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Information center/ticket vending area
Waiting area
Screens showing location of incoming trains
Bicycle parking
Complimentary computer access
Boarding area
Metro car
Another poem
Tourism brochures
Digital stations (phone, maps, weather information, etc.)