Friday, December 17, 2010

Lessons of the Semester

And thus my fifth semester at Yale is come to a much-awaited, somewhat bittersweet, sliding-into-home-plate-esque end. 

I'm still too fried from exams to try to pick out the most significant or interesting lessons of the semester, but here's a bit of wisdom from the First-Order Logic final:

Ax [Happy(x) > Ey (x≠y ^ Loves(x,y))].

Incidentally, as instructive as this logic course was, I'm not sure if I should have taken the course. In retrospect, I think I'm too often rational to a fault; perhaps there should be a course on First-Order Illogical Emotionality...

At any rate, I now have only 1 day until Houston and Mother's kabucha pumpkin castella, 2 days until Rio de Janeiro and my first time in the southern hemisphere.

Listening to:
"Dans mon île" - Henri Salvador