Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Break, Act I: Puerto Rico

2012: That year when we actually got our shizzle together (debatable) and planned a two-part spring break.

Rented a house for eight in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we'll be spending the first week of break (along with what seems to be most of the senior class). No itinerary, no rental car, no guidebook, no local friends. Just keys to a house two blocks from the beach with a grill and hopefully unbreakable furniture. It should be a refreshing, not to mention highly entertaining, break from my usual travel M.O.

My advisor made me promise not to work on my thesis during break. Between that and the sun, it shouldn't be too difficult to loosen up a bit.

In case you're overly concerned/surprised, no need to worry: week two has a very detailed itinerary.