Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seoul > Houston

Much too quickly, my time this summer in one of my favorite cities has ended, with too many people still unmet and too many places not visited. Here's a sincere apology to those I thought I'd have the chance to see more of this summer but was unable to.

On a completely different note, walking this morning through Incheon International Airport (repeatedly ranked among the best airports in the world) made me ponder the elements that, in my opinion, can make a transportation hub a pleasant stop rather than a necessary burden for travelers.

Pleasant architecture
(no complaints against natural light or hardwood flooring)

Enough comfortable seats for passengers to rest/wait

Interesting cultural activities/exhibits

Convenient facilities to snooze/relax/clean up

Large, clear, well-placed signs
(e.g. information, departure schedules)

  • Shops customers are actually glad to enter and browse
  • Logical floor plans
  • Free, ubiquitous, high-speed internet
  • Friendly and courteous airport staff
Dear JFK/IAH, for the sake of your travelers, I fully advocate plagiarism.
. . .

Goodbye, Seoul!