Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lux et Boricha

Made it to Stillness and Light last night for the first time this semester. Dear comrades, if you've never been, it's definitely worth checking out. Once described as "the last bastion for quiet at Yale," it makes you realize how incredibly rare true silence is at a place like Yale and how replenishing a moment of silent reflection can be. Plus there's boricha. The event is held daily, including weekends, from around 11 pm to 1 am in Battell Chapel—let me know if you'd like to go together!

In other (significantly less calming) news, Mozambique is the latest to be added to the EU aviation blacklist due to "significant safety concerns." Have I mentioned that Mozambique government-operated LAM is the only airline that flies between Maputo, the capital, and the northern city of Nampula, where I need to be in August? VDM much?

Moçambique: Vem pelo caju, fica porque não pode sair?