Friday, July 22, 2011


Just stumbled upon this story on Swamplot:
How did Rockport, Texas couple Karl and Carol Hoepfner get the idea to eat meals at all 722 Whataburgers in 10 states? It all started with a visit to the Texas Medical Center: Carol, 73, was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer, which eventually sent her to Houston for 23 days of radiation earlier this year. All of the appointments were late in the day, and Karl wanted to do something other than spend the rest of the time in their apartment.” The Hoepfners used their free time to visit all 90 Houston Whataburger locations first. They’ve reached 225 so far.
My initial reaction was similar to that of one of the comment posters: "So in addition to blood cancer, they’re going to add heart disease?"

But then I found myself agreeing with Northside Girl: "I’m not a huge fan of fast food, but if this is what they want to instead of being loaded up with chemo, then more power to them. It’s not what I would do, but that doesn’t matter. If it hasn’t killed them yet–enjoy the ride."

But seriously, kudos to the Hoepfners–I can think of many worse ways to spend my final weeks than enjoying Whataburger with my sweetheart.

"A Whataburger is a very good burger if it takes six napkins; seven is just outstanding."
- Karl Hoepfner

Lost Pines for the weekend!