Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The language pledge starts today. No spoken English for two months except for during emergencies and contact with people at home.

Update: In the interest of full disclosure, I hereby admit to having used English already. In the classroom and with other students in the hallway, we all speak Chinese, but with the roomie and friends from Yale, the lingua franca is essentially Chinglish. To be fair, it's more like 中中中中中(英)文- here's the secret breakdown of time spent speaking in Chinese(中)/English(英):

- during class (中): 30%
- conversation with locals (中): 15%
- in the hallway (中): 5%
- general conversation with other students (中): 28%
- difficult words/concepts (英): 2%
- cursing out of frustration (英): 10%
- blogging/Facebook/Skype (英): 5%
- avoiding a mental breakdown (英): 5%

-78% Chinese/22% English

1. That was the most math I've done since the 11th grade.
2. I need to learn how to express frustration in Chinese. (The worst thing I know how to say at the moment is: "You are a bad person.") Expanding on this in Chinese could move 10% to the 中 side, resulting in 88% Chinese/22% English.
That's right. 110% badass.