Saturday, June 13, 2009

Houston > Beijing

Beijing Capital International Airport:

Swine flu checks
1. As soon as the plane landed, Chinese health workers boarded to check everyone's temperature.
2. At a checkpoint on the way to Immigration, government officials used heat sensors to monitor the body temperature of passengers.
3. Before we could get off the bus, representatives from Capital Normal University came and recorded everybody's temperature. (They are continuing this every morning before class for a week.)

The dorm is fairly clean and modern, albeit a bit institutional. According to the property file on my desk, the room is actually called an "aparthotel room property." Two desks, beds, a television, fridge, and computer. The only things different from what you'd find in a typical dorm room in the U.S. is a large, metal water boiler next to the fridge. We're supposed to use it to boil tap water before drinking it to avoid diarrhea and other unfortunate conditions.

the dorm building

Jared, the roomie

Another difference: every other morning, a friendly, uniformed woman comes to take out the trash, sweep, mop, and ask us how we're doing. Dear Yale, please take note.