Saturday, June 13, 2009


1. Dear Joobie, why are you in China?
I began studying Mandarin at school last fall and am now enrolled in an intensive second-year summer course here.

2. Where in China?
I'm studying with the Duke Summer in China program, located at Capital Normal University (首都师范大学) in Beijing.

3. Why this blog?
Many thanks to the generous funding of the Richard U. Light Fellowship at Yale University! One of the requirements is a blog: minimum two paragraphs and two photos per week.

4. Isn't Blogger blocked by the Chinese government?
Yes, which is why I was not able to start this blog until I found out about Hotspot Shield. Dear reader, if you are a Communist informant, please do not tell the Chinese government about this wonderful program.

5. Do you miss me?
As a tribute to good friends, good times, and wannabe-kindergarteners, the following photo is of the masterpiece still drying in my room at home:

Boom. Epic fingerpaint.