Saturday, May 1, 2010


Another beautiful spring day in the Haven.

I woke up at 10:10 AM to participate in a bizarre psychology study. (Even after the debriefing, I'm not quite sure what the purpose is, but I sincerely hope its usefulness outweighs its weirdness.)

After lunch, I participated in another psych study, completing the 5 participation credits I need for PSYC 110. This one was much more pleasant—it involved taste tests of healthy gourmet snacks.

Shortly thereafter, however, I regretted having eaten the snacks because they paled in comparison to the home cooking at Professor Choi's end-of-term barbecue party for our Korean class. Professor Choi prepared a delicious feast of galbi, kimchi, japchae, topokki, and miso cabbage soup. After dinner, we sat by the stream that runs through her backyard and enjoyed strawberries and green tea while chatting about our summer plans.

We made it back to campus just in time for the WORD Performance Poetry show. (Incidentally, it was my first time at the Afro-American Cultural Center—great place.) The poets/performers were absolutely incredible.

Now heading to Miya's for Jen's 20th. Happy Birthday Jen!