Saturday, May 1, 2010


1. Dear Joobie, what is your major?
Cognitive Science, International Studies. (Refer to "Post #140" for additional information about my confused academic interests.)

2. Summer plans?
  • Houston (5/13-6/11)
    • Sunshine, sleep, parks, cars, museums, Chinatown, fajitas, tennis, Buffalo Bayou, and Michael's graduation. And barbecue and sweet tea and Ghirardelli brownies and pecan pie. And Russian cosmonauts.
  • CT/Long Island (6/11-6/14)
    • Γ.Γ.C.
  • Seoul (6/15-8/24)
    • In July, I'll be interning at the headquarters of Kim & Chang, one of the largest law firms in Asia. I also plan to work with an NGO in Seoul. Other than that, I'll probably spend most of my time eating tteok and kongguksu.
  • Gyeongju(?)

3. Are you single?
Yes, but my grandmother has informed me that I should find 색시감 (saekshigam, literally: "bride material") this summer. Wish me luck...?

4. Pets?
One day I shall write a saga about the rise and fall of my illustrious petdom. For now, meet Johann: