Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House of Pies

I've been having a somewhat nostalgic craving lately for the Houston hangouts that we locals miss when we're away from home, the richly storied local institutions that grace our sunny city, our favorite spots for brunching or late-night munching or anything in between.

For example, The House of Pies:

Nobody seems to know exactly how old it is, just that it's "older than us." This Houston diner is famous for its big breakfasts, freshly baked pies, and friendly 24/7 service. And its interesting clientele mixas the Houston Press notes, "after hours, it fills up with gays and goths."

From CultureMap:
« The old-school hospitality and comfy booths offer a small sanctuary amid the ever-changing landscape of Upper Kirby. Even the prices haven't changed in a really long time.

Back then...we called it "House of Guys"which shouldn't really need any explanation for true Houstonians.

...House of Pies has plenty of loyal customers, and for good reason. »

sweet potato pie
a.k.a. "a slice of heaven on earth"