Monday, July 19, 2010

Economy of Houston

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Here's some positive economic news from Houston:

Both the Kauffman Foundation and private equity firm SigmaBleyzer have reported that Houston currently has the highest level of entrepreneurial activity of any U.S. city. The SigmaBleyzer report adds:

« Larger Texas metros, which entered this recession with more stable housing markets, a relatively higher concentration of commodity producers, and a greater exposure to government, education and export-oriented manufacturing, appear to be more resilient; and are emerging faster from the economic downturn. »

And according to Bloomberg Businessweek's annual "Best Cities for College Grads" ranking, Houston is the top city for college graduates as they enter the workforce. The report reads:

« Houston, we don’t have a problem, at least when it comes to entry-level job opportunities. With 24 of the 57 biggest companies in Texas, Houston is home to big businesses, including Conoco Phillips, Halliburton, and Continental Airlines. Energy, aeronautics, and health-care companies round out the opportunities in Houston. With such attractions as the American Cowboy Museum and an active performing arts scene, those working in the city will have plenty to do in their free time, too. »

Good stuff. But American Cowboy Museum, really? I mean, I'm a born-and-(mostly)-bred Houstonian, but I've never even heard of the place. Perhaps the writers just picked the first name on an alphabetical list. Why else would they choose this relatively obscure place over HMNS or the Menil?