Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Seoul Summer

Currently sitting at Incheon International Airport (ranked the best airport in the world, incidentally, by ACI and Skytrax. And little wonder—this transportation hub contains spas, a golf course, casino, computer lounges, indoor gardens and a fine arts museum.)

Only a couple hours until my flight back home, sweet home, where the grass is green, the sky is huge and the dogs are skinny.

Although I'm excited to be back at school in just a few days, I also can't believe that my time in Seoul is over. I already miss the people I met here, the places we visited and our incredible, instructive, surprising, exhilarating adventures this summer.

Below, in no particular order, are some of the most memorable experiences I had or places I visited this summer:
  • 경희궁의아침 - Here survived three college buddies for a summer in their cramped summer quarters. The poor, innocent apartment witnessed explosive pumpkins, jajangmyeon gatherings, epic-worthy snoring, pillowtalkfestivals, Rollercoaster marathons, grilled cheese parties and so much more.
  • 金·張法律事務所 - Work. Play. Repeat.
  • Changdeokgung Palace - The most beautiful of Seoul's royal palaces.
  • Gyeongju - Capital of Silla.
  • Hongdae - DWeg headquarters (arguably). Also home to Korea's indie music scene, kebab restaurants, artsy expats and cheap clubs.
  • Samcheong-dong - One of my favorite neighborhoods. Renovated hanok, tea houses, art galleries and interesting back alleys. Less kitschy/touristy than Insa-dong.
  • Apgujeong - Weekend mainstay/eye candy.
  • Cheongdam - Great restaurants, galleries, designer flagships. Everything from Seoul's most famous jazz cafe to Rolls-Royce Korea.
  • Itaewon - Koreans are a minority in this diverse neighborhood of Indian restaurants, Irish pubs, Greek tavernas, Chinese restaurants, beer halls and Seoul Central Mosque.