Monday, August 9, 2010

POSCO Center

Last week, the NGO where I'm interning visited the POSCO Center in southern Seoul, where we attended a presentation about the steelmaker's ethics management program and anti-corruption initiatives. POSCO, founded in 1968, is currently the second-largest steelmaker in the world.

Hanging in the lobby, a large sculpture by Nam June Paik
Korea's most famous mixed media artist

The highlight of the day trip was exploring the Eureka Zone on the fourth floor of the tower. Designed to enhance POSCO employees' concentration and creativity, the zone includes napping rooms, Wii stations, a miniature forest, artificial stream, massage chairs, art studios, conference tables and a library. I actually walked past four employees running through a Brahms quartet during their lunch break. In order to eliminate the fear of appearing lazy by being seen in the Eureka Zone rather than at one's desk, the company implemented a policy that requires employees to visit the fourth floor at least once a month.

New career aspiration, perhaps?