Monday, August 2, 2010

World Heritage Sites: Hahoe and Yangdong

Two historic Korean villages have been newly designated as World Heritage Sites during the UNESCO World Heritage Committee's 34th convention in Brasilia. Under the collective name "Historic Villages of Korea: Hahoe and Yangdong," these traditional villages in North Gyeongsang Province have become the nation's 10th UNESCO-registered treasures.

Hahoe and Yangdong reflect “the distinctive aristocratic Confucian culture” of the Joseon Dynasty, the Committee said on UNESCO’s website. The website also reads, "The landscapes of mountains, trees and water around the villages, framed in views from pavilions and retreats, were celebrated for their beauty by 17th and 18th century poets."

Here's a photograph from the Chosun Ilbo and more information in English from the JoongAng Daily.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to visit at least one of the villages before heading back to the States.