Saturday, March 12, 2011


The entire population of Houston seems to be out and about this week, as evidenced by packed tables at al fresco dining establishments throughout the city. Lured by highs in the low 70s, a steady breeze and Texas blue skies, I'm also making an effort to soak up as much of this sunshine and azalea-studded greenery as possible for the remainder of spring break.

I'm currently sitting at Brasil, the hipster-infested café in Montrose famous for decent music, good coffee, great sandwiches and terrible service. But with this much caffeine and sunshine streaming through the space, I can't even complain about the decidedly un-Texan brusqueness of our waiter.

I cropped him out (you can still see a bit on the right).
72 °F
"La estupefacción prolongada engendra la estupidez."
- José Ortega y Gasset