Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Recess Begins

Back in the H for a much needed break—I'm looking forward to two weeks away from reading responses and InDesign and iCal.

Three highlights from my trip home last night:

1. On the Amtrak train from New Haven to Newark: "So that's when I had my existential crisis." That was the beginning of a very noisy, hour-long phone conversation of the woman seated directly behind me. It's not that I have anything existential crises (which I hear are healthy in small doses) but if the entire train car is staring at you, and I can hear intimate details about your life over an "on-the-go" playlist that began with Brad Paisley and ended with Knorkator, then you're probably being too loud.

2. Later on the train: Met a Colgate grad (from Sugar Land, incidentally) working for an interesting for-profit environmental company in New York.

3. At Newark Liberty International Airport: Dinner at Vino Volo. After years of enduring stale, overpriced sandwiches and sugary smoothies, I've become fairly jaded by airport dining options. So it was a pleasant surprise to find great food at a decent price in the Newark airport. I was skeptical at first because Vino Volo is a self-described wine bar, and food almost seemed to be an afterthought on the menu, but because I was starving and running out of time before my flight, I decided to try my luck. Both of the items I ordered—a chicken salad ($6) and a brie-prosciutto sandwich ($5)—were delicious and (because the operation seems to make most of its margin on wine) reasonably priced, especially for dinner at an airport restaurant.