Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm currently sitting in Houston Intercontinental's Terminal E, waiting for my flight to Munich (for an extended layover on the way to Maputo), snacking on my last bag of fruit snacks from the BCG office and trying to ignore a vocally gifted Italian woman who is either having a nervous breakdown over the phone or...actually, I think she's scolding her son-cum-idiota about credit card expenses.

The mournfulness of the fado on my iPod isn't quite drowing out her protestations, so I'm switching over to some Knorkator–unfortunate, since I need to brush up on my Portuguese for my three weeks in Mozambique. On the other hand, Knorkator is doing a great job of pumping me up for my weekend in Germany, which I've been looking forward to all summer.

Manoulakimou, hier komme ich!