Thursday, August 18, 2011

On Stars and Bendzko

Listening to:
"Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären" by Tim Bendzko

It seems a bit strange to be rocking out to the voice of a macunha singing about first world problems on a CD I purchased in Munich ages ago earlier this month. But the lyrics to "Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären" (If words were my language) are actually kind of relevant, albeit not exactly in their original sense.
Mir fehlen die Worte, ich
I lack the words, I
hab die Worte nicht
do not have the words
dir zu sagen was ich fühl'
to tell you what I feel
ich bin ohne Worte, ich
I am without words, I
finde die Worte nicht
do not find the words
ich hab keine Worte für dich
I have no words for you
If it were my song, of course, the next line would be "Because I have no idea what you're saying in Makua."

In other news, here are a few more comments about Ribáuè and our experiences here:

First, I'm surprised by how relaxing our time in Ribáuè has been. 'No shit, Sherlock,' you may be saying, 'what were you expecting to find in a rural Mozambican village?' But really, the slow pace of life, beautiful scenery, and friendliness of the locals are making this week the most rejuvenating segment of my summer. During a post-dinner constitutional yesterday evening against the backdrop of the glowing sunset, I found myself thinking, for the first time this trip, 'This is why people fall in love with Africa.'

Second, on a related note, there is nothing to do after sundown (about 5:30 this time of year) but wait for the stars to emerge. But when they do, it is truly a spectacular sight. I've never before such a multitude of stars so clearly; the night sky appears to hover just above the horizon, weighted down by a million glittering points of light. Particularly memorable was my first sighting of the Southern Cross (the constellation featured as Cruzeiro do Sol on the flag of Brazil).

On a less romantic note, our entire team is suffering from mild stomach issues. Heaven knows from what. A less than perfectly washed piece of fruit? Bacteria in yesterday's sandy xima? The piri piri sauce? Maybe the chicken at lunch was slightly raw? This may call for a temporary retreat to the almond honey flax granola bars I brought from home...