Friday, August 19, 2011

MMM Food Fair

Today was the big feira, where we introduced new foods and food preparation techniques to Fátima's customers. Ana had spent the entire night baking various cookies, biscuits, and breads incorporating local ingredients. The MMM team also featured various dried fruits and vegetables as well as nutrient-rich powders that could be mixed into the stable xima.

Country director Jake Walter chatting with Belchion
Ana and Diandra setting up the booth
Curious customers at Fátima's mill
The booth
Close-up of the goods
Waiting for the presentation

In a combination of Portuguese and the local Makua, the MMM team introduced each of the food items and then passed around samples for everyone to enjoy. This was then followed by a xima cooking demonstration using some of the new vegetable powders.

After the fair was over, we spent the afternoon in a brainstorming session with TechnoServe country director Jake Walter and his team. Our discussion covered the various options for setting up a dried food distribution network in Nampula Province as well as the importance of including an educational component at each new franchise mill site to teach the local community about the importance of vitamins and balanced nutrition.

We then packed our bags, said goodbye to Cipriano, and headed back to Nampula. Adeus, Ribáuè!