Thursday, June 10, 2010

Igor 의 訪問

I awoke this morning to the sound of Niki barking furiously near the pear tree in our backyard (she’s normally extremely quiet, even for a whippet

Guess what I found when I went outside?

(and a very perplexed Niki)

His Majesty was in town for only a few days on his way to a samba master class in Brazil. He spent the past week sailing across the Atlantic, through the Gulf of Mexico, into the Bay of Galveston and the Houston Ship Channel, and up Buffalo Bayou through downtown and into my backyard. His delegation was delayed a bit on account of the recent rains but arrived without any serious mishap.

What a handsome fellow.

We immediately retreated indoors, of course, for tea.

After our chat, I unceremoniously picked up Igor, walked through the yard, and rolled him down the hill back into the bayou called a limousine to take His Majesty to IAH in time for his flight to Rio.