Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sajik Park

Adjacent to Maedong Elementary School lies Sajik Park (사직공원), which encompasses the grounds of Sajikdan. From the plaque at the entrance to the park:

« Sajikdan, which was was erected in 1395 (4th year of King Taejo’s reign), was where sacrifices were made during the Joseon Dynasty.

The front gate of Sajikdan is representative of pyeongsammun construction, with three doors in a row. The roof is a matbae, as it appears to be covered by a book. The detailed forms of the structures used to prop up the roof on the pillars deviate from mo
re traditional shapes, and thus they illustrate the changes undergone by Korea’s architectural styles. »

Today, the park grounds also contain the Jongno Library, a children's library, badminton courts and an archery range.