Monday, June 7, 2010

What I Blog About

A friend recently told me that she had heard I had a blog and asked me what I write about. A simple question, but I couldn't come up with a straightforward response. "My life, I guess" was my hesitant (and lame) answer.

In a way, that was perhaps the most accurate answer I could provide. Blogging provides me with an opportunity to reflect on events I find interesting or noteworthy (even if the note is read by only me). And the subject matter, naturally, is my life. My posts comprise my honest and unedited, albeit somewhat censored, thoughts on topics that are personally relevant.

Sometimes I do think about who might be reading a particular post; but, usually, at least for me, blogging resembles a process of keyboard-facilitated thinking aloud. It's the kind of thinking one might do while walking the dog through morning dew or driving back home after a fateful ice cream shop encounter or sitting restlessly in a cramped plane seat with little else to do besides flip through the SkyMall catalog for the third time or lying wide awake in bed during a sleepless night.

Some blog posts may not be directly linked to my day-to-day life but are instead related to one or more of my interests, which are as numerous and varied and bizarre as the businesses on Westheimer. Below, in no particular order, are a few topics:
  • Houston - headquarters; the only place I've ever called home
  • Andover - the only other place I've almost thought of as home
  • Food - love
  • Music - love
  • Language - how we express both love and hate
  • Fitness - mostly hate
  • Cognition - how we think
  • Education - how we learn how to think
  • Travel - how we learn new ways to think
  • Environment - where we think
  • History - what we ought to think more about
  • Germany - one of four countries in which I would consider living
  • Korea - I've never lived there, but somehow always the homeland (or at least I'm told)
"L'écriture ressemble à la prostitution. D'abord on écrit pour l'amour de la chose, puis pour quelques amis, et à la fin, pour de l'argent."
- Molière