Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just got back from Texas A&M University, where I crashed with some of the old gang. Even though College Station is only an hour and a half northwest of Houston, I had never visited the campus before, but I left this morning with an excellent first impression.

Texas A&M University is the seventh-largest university in the United States and ranks among America's top 20 research institutes in terms of funding. Not surprisingly, College Station was ranked by Money magazine as the 11th most educated city in the United States. And being located in the heart of the Brazos Valley (between the Texas Gulf Coast and Hill Country), A&M is verdant, with massive oaks and generous lawns sprinkled throughout campus.

I spent the night with David, Brendan, and Charlie, who live in a loft a short drive from the central campus. Who needs Gothic architecture when there are palm trees and sunshine?

Not to mention the parkland-walking, pizza-destroying, sweet tea-drinking, music-sharing, Red Mango-eating, movie-watching, Whataburger-hunting, balcony-sitting, late-night-driving, couch-crashing adventures...

Dear Scott, I'll refrain from Oreo-peach combinations in the future.