Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Went to watch my brother's varsity lacrosse game yesterday against St. John's. Despite the constant drizzle, the game was fun to watch and very fast-paced. After losing their lead in the second quarter, the Memorial Mustangs bounced back to beat the St. John's Mavericks 10-8.

Afterward, we came home, made some more creme de abacate—that stuff's really tasty—and watched American Psycho. Christian Bale's amazing performance was enhanced for me after having studied psychopathy and serial killers in Psychology and the Law with Professor Lockhart. I'm still trying to reconcile some of his character traits with what we learned in class, but at any rate, it's definitely an interesting movie. Perhaps I should check out the original novel, too.

On another note, some great news: I just found out I was accepted for a month-long internship at a law firm in Seoul for this summer. So pumped.

Niki—unhappy about being wet
but very clean from her morning bath