Monday, March 29, 2010

Esgusodwch Fi

Just got back from Portuguese class, which consisted of the subjunctive, samba lessons, and lesson topics ranging from Portuguese explorers to Brazilian rock music. Oh, dear Marta!

Apparently, you really don't want to enter the women's bathroom on the ground floor of Bass Library.

Speaking of bathrooms, why are they so few and far between at Yale? Especially in William L. Harkness Hall, where, between language classes, sections and meetings, I spend more time than in any other building on campus besides my dorm. The only restroom on the first floor, I believe, is a one-roomer for handicapped individuals. This is somewhat logical, of course, because if I were both handicapped and bathroom-challenged at Yale, I'd certainly hope the handicapped restroom was on the first floor, but why couldn't they build a couple more? Well, actually, there is another bathroom down the hall, but it is kept locked and reserved for the small handful of faculty members who work in that area of WLH. The women's room is in the basement, while the men's is in a corner of the third floor, a small flight of stairs above the recital hall.

Unfortunately, this strange phenomenon is not restricted to WLH. From Mason Lab to Commons to Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall, it can be challenging to locate the loo, which is generally hidden in a dark corner of the basement or at the end of a labyrinthine corridor. Maybe students urinated less frequently back in 1701.

"like the ninja i am i snuck in and got my backpack."