Tuesday, March 16, 2010

¡Bienvenidos a Cancún!

Got home in time to pack, shower, and then catch our morning flight to Cancún.

On the cover of "Best of the City 2010":
« Think you know all the latest Houston buzz? Biz and real estate development still outpacing the nation? Check. Over-the-top parties crowding the calendar? Uh-huh. Gay mayor? Yep. That's all part of the conversation in H-Town now. And yet there's more. The art world is sexing up, and hip young chefs like Haven's Randy Evans are building out. Boutiques and bars are booming. NASA's having a yard sale. Oh, and a hot Muslim cowboy is galloping your way. Welcome to 2010 in America's most intriguing city! »

Anyway, back to Cancun:

It's good to be back.