Saturday, March 6, 2010

And The Show Begins

I'm sitting at my gate in LaGuardia, waiting for my flight and paying for overpriced Wi-Fi because I forgot to bring something to read.

I can't believe it's already spring break; how is this term flying by so quickly? No complaints, of course—after a brutal week of midterms, I'm very excited to see my family, enjoy some great food, and relax at home. The silver lining of having had so much work last week is that I'm only taking home one slim folder of Portuguese homework for the next two weeks, as opposed to the half-of-my-rolling-carry-on I usually lug home during breaks.

Also, 10 days until Cancun!

That's 14,400 minutes (minus sleeping time minus doing work time minus cooking minus some exponential factor of eating time minus chilling at home minus running errands minus anything I'd rather do than head to the gym) to sculpt the perfect beach bod.