Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cidade de Deus

Tonight's dilemma: Brad Paisley or Anton Bruckner, i.e. Rodeo or Houston Symphony?

Those who know my taste in music may understand how difficult this decision is for me. It's what my mother would refer to as a "즐거운 고민 (jeulgeoun gomin)," which translates approximately to "joyous distress."

"Malandro não pára; malandro dá um tempo."
"Gangster's don't stop; gangsters take a break."

Also, an insightful piece in this week's Spiegel:
The Fundamental Flaw of Europe's Common Currency
« The euro is under attack like never before, as the promises on which it was based turn out to be lies. Hedge funds are speculating against Greek debt, while euro-zone politicians work behind the scenes to cobble together rescue packages. But fundamental flaws in the monetary union need to be fixed if Europe's common currency is to survive. »