Sunday, March 7, 2010


Since coming home last night, I've realized that I actually have significantly more work than I initially estimated. At the top of the to-do list:
  • Wrap up the editorial process for Business Sphere magazine
  • Figure out what I'm doing this summer
  • Work on a project for the Yale Journal of International Affairs
  • Gym
Fortunately, being home makes it much easier for me to access my coping mechanism of choice: calories. In addition to going out for dim sum, homemade treats have included grilled conch, shrimp polenta, and oxtail soup. Ah, how I've missed Mother's cooking!

Also, I decided to try to make creme de abacate (avocado cream), a popular Brazilian dessert. With the help of a recipe we memorized in Portuguese class a few weeks ago, this:

...became this:

Esplêndido, não é?